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Welcome to Kuyi Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Located in 34 Shunpike Road Cromwell, CT. We offer traditional hibachi, sushi and Asian cuisine with few twists. Come join us for a relaxing and unique dining experience. You can sit at our sushi bar and watch sushi chef preparing your meal right in front of you, or enjoy your meal at our comfortable dining tables. Our sushi is prepared with fresh and local seafood, and we offer a children’s menu. Thank you for supporting our local business. We hope to see you soon!!



When you look at and eat food, you should be focused on the moment there and not on other opinions nor history, food is prepared differently every time, so a new experience will occur in your mouth with each new bite. The theory is also universal. Food is not culturally bound, a person of any race can enjoy pad thai or tacos, just like any person can enjoy a painting. Food is an important part of everyday life, we can choose to appreciated it or not, but it is here and it is an art form. There is just something about the way food is gather and created making it unique to the chef. It’s called culinary ART for a reason!



Sushi does not mean raw fish. Sushi, on the other hand, specifically refers to dishes made with rice, which traditionally include fish (often raw) and / or vegetables, wrapped in seaweed or rolled in rice. Japanese have been preparing it for centuries and chefs worldwide blend their own flair and recipes to obtain the perfect texture and combination of vegetables and / or seafood available to them to create delicious appetizers and entrees. Believe it or not, more than half of the items served at the sushi bar are not raw.